We are an interfaith group: Muslims, Jews, Christians, and other faiths, and including Israelis and Palestinians. We all share a deep concern for our families and other people caught in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

       We gather regularly in Eugene, Oregon for dialogue and discussion, celebrations and events to educate ourselves and stimulate public involvement. We see that hatred stems from ignorance. We recognize that Peace begins in our own hearts. Our shared belief is that what we do together in this group can make a difference here and , eventually, make an impact in the Middle East. Peace can't only be made between governments, but to be sustainable, has to be made on a person-to-person basis, with all voices included..

       We build trust and understanding by helping each other see our commonalities as bonds and our differences as symbols of our strength in diversity. Hearing each others pain, fears, and wishes, learning the riches of our traditions. We are making friends. If Palestinians and Israelis could see each other through "mutual eyes" or "Humane eyes" rather than "enemy eyes", the result would be vastly different from the current situation. We hope we can be a part of facilitating such a change in vision.

       Our wish is that as we change our own hearts and minds, we bring light to this challenging time. We wish to acknowledge that we are children of God, and all life is sacred. Killing must be halted.

       Our group is open to all who wish to join us in this spirit.

       For more information, please contact us at: EMEPG@mideastpeace.net

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Eugene Middle East Peace Group
P.O. Box 11313, Eugene OR 97440